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David Jones is renowned for housing Australia's most covetable selection of Australian and International Designer brands, now available to rent online at GlamCorner.


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AJE Gazelle Mini Dress
$79 rental$445 retail
$63.20 rental
Shona joy - Leonie Maxi Dress - Brown Maxi
$89 rental$495 retail
$71.20 rental
Hammock and Vine Check Me Out Midi
$159 to buy$209 retail
$63.60 to buy
Shona Joy Khaki Puff Sleeve Mini Dress
$59 rental$360 retail
$47.20 rental
Bec and Bridge Casablanca Maxi Dress
$59 rental$380 retail
$47.20 rental
AJE Serendipity Reflection Midi Satin
$89 rental$595 retail
$71.20 rental
Paris Georgia Fred Dress Dusty Pink Maxi
$79 rental$740 retail
$63.20 rental
KITX Vital Signs Linen Corset Midi Dress
$329 to buy$545 retail
$131.60 to buy
Shona joy Lilou Backless Midi Dress Tiered Skirt
$59 rental$340 retail
$47.20 rental
Shona Joy Thalia Ruched Midi Dress Black
$59 rental$295 retail
$47.20 rental
Shona Joy Luxe Twist Midi Dress Pine
$59 rental$295 retail
$47.20 rental
Bardot Capri Diamonte Slip Dress Yellow
$59 rental$199 retail
$47.20 rental
Aje Gretta Organza Mini Dress Burgundy
$69 rental$455 retail
$55.20 rental

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A Canvas for Every Style

Dresses for women are not just garments; they are a canvas where personal style and the latest trends blend seamlessly. From the sophistication of designer dresses to the comfort of casual wear, each piece tells a story. Whether you're attending a black-tie event or looking for a perfect beach wedding outfit, the right dress can elevate your look and boost your confidence.

Discover Designer Dresses for Every Occasion

Designer dresses are synonymous with quality and trendsetting styles. Brands like Zimmermann and Bec & Bridge offer a range of dresses that cater to various occasions. Whether it's a cocktail party or a day at the races, choosing a designer piece ensures a blend of contemporary fashion and classic charm.

Rent or Buy

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key. GlamCorner provides the perfect solution by offering both rental and purchase options for women's dresses. This flexibility allows you to rent a gown for a one-time event or purchase a piece for repeated wear. With options ranging from sequin dresses to more understated styles, the choice is yours.

From Mini to Maxi

Dress lengths play a crucial role in defining the look and feel of your outfit. A mini dress might be perfect for a casual brunch, while a floor-length gown lends itself to more formal occasions. Understanding the impact of dress length helps in selecting the right dress for the right setting.

Trends & Seasonal Must-Haves

Fashion is ever-evolving, and staying abreast of trends is crucial. Whether it's embracing bold colours or experimenting with different fabrics, keeping an eye on current trends ensures your wardrobe is always fresh and contemporary. From summer florals to winter velvets, each season brings its own must-haves.